Is your hotels minibar generating six-figure profits for your bottom line?  If not, now is a great time to start using these simple steps from In-Room Plus- a focused team of snack and branding enthusiasts that create the ideal guest experience for your hotel.

  1. Select products that appeal well to your guest based on your location.  In-Room Plus has the data to guide this, but we also encourage you to select a product or two that is local.  Maybe it’s a beer or local distillery, but it can also be food or non-food.
  2. Don’t over price the products.  Ensure your guests feel as good enjoying a treat out of the minibar as they do walking through your front door.  No one likes to feel ripped off.
  3. Order what you need.  Don’t stock a ton of product when you can receive fresh product.
  4. Rotate your inventory.
  5. Keep the presentation of products clean, fresh, appealing and ready for the impulsive guest.  If you put the minibar in the closet, people won’t hunt for it.  However, if they are watching tv and it’s within their sightline, your chances for sales increases incrementally.
  6. Train your staff and give them incentives by creating a bonus for minibar sales.
  7. Every 6-9 months, remove the lowest seller(s) and try something else.
  8. Keep your menu generic.  Put “Nuts” or “Health Bar” so you can try different nuts or replace a Clif Bar with a Kind Bar without having to incur a cost to reprint menus if a product isn’t working well for you.

Now that you have the tips for running a successful and profitable program, our partners at In-Room Plus are ready to help you turn your minibar into a major profit center.  All Fairway GPO members will receive 5% off list price for all items, free ground shipping with a $400 minimum order, and the creation of custom labels for your products.  Simply go to and get started today!

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