GAM Hospitality, a leading hospitality management and advisory company with multiple hotels across the country has chosen to partner with Fairway GPO to reduce operating costs across its portfolio. The partnership will allow GAM Hospitality to offer its broad client base additional ways to enhance profitability without having any impact on quality standards.

“From our first meeting with Fairway it became obvious that they were the best GPO partner for our organization”, said Geoffrey Allan Mills, President and CEO of GAM Hospitality. “Their model of significant savings with no membership fees or volume requirements is unmatched in the industry and something we are proud to be a part of”

“We are honored that GAM has chosen Fairway as its GPO partner after their review of other options available to them”, said Adam Leffel, Co-Founder and CEO of Fairway. He added “GAM’s executive leadership has been a true pleasure to work thus far and we look forward to helping them as they rapidly expand to manage and advise additional properties that can benefit from their hospitality expertise”.

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