Housekeeping might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about how to save money in your hotel or resort budget. You might even think the only way to save money through housekeeping is to simply cut costs on supplies and minimize staff as much as possible.

Consider this: You can both save big and avoid hidden housekeeping costs for your hotel by outsourcing housekeeping.

Transfer Staff Management

You probably have felt the pain of the lengthy and expensive hiring, recruiting and training process. It’s an ongoing trial to keep your housekeeping program staffed with good employees. It requires dedicated individuals and a lot of money that could be spent elsewhere growing your business. Of course you need to manage staff effectively and keep your property housed with engaged employees, but who says these individuals need to come from your payroll?

Outsourcing to the right housekeeping partner allows you to transfer this work. A great housekeeping partner will take ownership and apply their own best practices and quality control to the hiring, recruiting and training processes. This allows you to focus on your core business and save time and money otherwise spent managing personnel changes.

Hold Your Housekeeping Program Accountable

Ensuring your housekeeping team is always serving your guests and creating great guest experiences to the best of their ability also requires constant management. But without a strong accountability system in place, you are likely to lose money searching for ways to improve quality and identify weak-spots.

Meanwhile, areas of your property that aren’t cleaned thoroughly are going unnoticed and causing trouble for your guests. Poor cleaning will lead directly to poor guest reviews and bad first impressions, which will have a negative effect on business at your hotel.

A dedicated housekeeping partner will have systems in place to keep themselves accountable and maintain a shared standard of quality. A partner who is truly invested in saving you money will explain how they log daily rounds in a shared platform so both the housekeeping manager and your hotel organization can track cleaning efforts upfront and discuss ways to improve.

Get Started

At SMS Hospitality, we manage the entire hiring, recruiting and training processes while transitioning your current staff to our team and processes. Meanwhile, our OPS360 tool tracks daily cleaning on a shared portal accessible to anyone at your hotel on their phones or computers at anytime. Our “whatever it takes” mantra ensures we keep your hotel grand-opening clean inside and out.

Learn more about cutting costs and saving money by outsourcing your housekeeping program and our partnership with Fairway GPO by clicking here.

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