Fairway GPO and Best Business Solutions are pleased to announce a business development partnership between the two companies. After working within a loose framework of a partnership for the past year, the companies have now made the relationship official.

Executives from both companies expect this partnership to strengthen the product and service offerings from both. Customers from both companies can now enjoy a product and service portfolio greatly enhanced by this relationship.

Isaac Farbowitz, Co-Founder and President of Fairway GPO said “we are excited to join forces with Best Business Solutions and offer their clients access to our vast portfolio of purchasing contracts that will decrease their operating costs and increase profitability.  Best Business Solutions’ core goal of helping clients utilize effective business solutions that will reduce costs and streamline workflow was a great match for our business model at Fairway GPO”.

Brendan O’Shea, President of Best Business Solutions, commented, “Fairway GPO has an excellent reputation which is well deserved and is growing at a tremendous rate, while Best Business Solutions has become stronger over the past few years. This partnership will provide customers of both companies access to enhanced offerings, extended support, and a wider range of services”.

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