Computers and communications technology in general play an increasingly important role in today’s classroom setting.  Whether public or private, institutions expect the most from their technology provider. Yet as with anything relating to technology, new tools and resources appear constantly.  This makes not only keeping up with that demand, but also how to most appropriately meet the demand,  a daunting task for administration; especially where there is a lack of properly qualified internal personnel to provide guidance about service, reliability and security.  For this reason, it is important for schools to utilize their telecommunications budget to the fullest to optimize productivity.  The school-telecom provider should be collaborative in nature.  A great technology partner will be accessible and take ownership, acting as an extension to, or substitute for, a school’s information technology (IT) department, providing a flexible, consultative approach for the challenges faced (i.e., declining productivity, administrative burden, disorganization of bills, etc.)

That is where Granite© can help.  We can recommend flexible solutions to simplify your connectivity needs that grow with your needs.  First, our one source, one bill platform assigns you one contact at Granite.  This single point of contact is your resource to lean on for all your communications needs.  Granite can, for instance, consolidate multiple vendor invoices to one enabling you to reduce paperwork and recordkeeping, giving you better control while saving you money at the same time.  Secondly, we can evaluate your current environment and provide suggestions to increase speed and quality – many times eliminating unnecessary charges.  Having partnered with schools for well-over a decade, Granite understands and appreciates why schools demand the highest level of connectivity (e.g., enhanced media lessons, accelerated on-line learning tools, faster web access, etc.), Granite can draw on that experience to provide your school with the communications solutions that will best facilitate and encourage your students and faculty to work together more efficiently.

Please refer to this case study about how a college optimized their current technology infrastructure, allowing them to do more for less with Granite’s services.

For more information on how Granite can customize a communication’s strategy for you, please contact Vincent D’Aria-Sr. National Account Manager directly and toll-free at 844-250-8142 or visit

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