Expanding upon the tremendous success and savings that Fairway GPO has achieved for its members across multiple business categories, Fairway is proud to announce that we have now expanded our savings model to serve catering and banquet halls nationwide.

According to Adam Leffel, managing partner at Fairway, “we entered the catering and banquet space due to a real need we recognized in the industry.  Catering and banquet halls are looking for innovative ways to keep their properties updated and their operations strong while also working with tighter budgets, and our GPO offering is the perfect solution”.

Fairway’s offering of thousands of contracts, with discounts on products and services including food, kitchen and ballroom supplies, office supplies and cleaning services provides catering and banquet halls the ability to save money without sacrificing quality.  In just the first week since announcing this offering, 3 of the largest catering facilities in New Jersey have partnered with Fairway GPO to lower their operating costs by 20% or more.  5 additional catering halls are slated to join before the end of this month.

For more information about how to partner with Fairway, please visit www.fairwayGPO.com




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