Sunspire Health, an industry leader in the field of behavioral health treatment that offers effective interventions for a variety of issues, including chemical dependency, eating disorders, and problem gambling, has chosen Fairway as its GPO partner for their residential treatment centers in California, Florida, Massachusetts and Oregon.  Sunspire Health will be utilizing Fairway to lower costs and standardize purchasing in areas including food, office supplies, medical supplies and shipping.

“The decision to partner with Fairway was an easy one as they will help improve our bottom line without making any changes to our operations, quality or processes”, said A.J. Schreiber, CEO of Sunspire Health.  “We looked at many options to standardize our purchasing and lower our costs and Fairway was the solution that made perfect sense for our growing organization”.

According to Isaac Farbowitz, Managing Partner at Fairway, “Sunspire Health is exactly the type of group we look to partner with- an organization that is growing and at the same time values long-standing vendor relationships”.  “Our pricing contracts will help Sunspire Health lower costs without changing purchasing systems or standards”.

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